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SPN completed demonstration project of Vietnam’s first Indoor 5G Infra-Sharing

■Overview of demonstration project

Southern Star Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company (Chairman and Representative Director: Satoshi Igarashi, Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) (“SPN”) demonstrated about implementation and operation of a 5G communications network through Infra-Sharing in 「Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza」 (Ho Chi Minh City), a commercial facility in Vietnam with high mobile communications traffic demand, to support early deployment of indoor 5G in Vietnam. In addition, we provided VR contents utilizing 5G and verify the utilization of large-volume data under 5G network. With the demonstration project, we quantitatively demonstrated the cost-reduction and the reduction of electricity consumptions effected by introducing Infra-Sharing.

Furthermore, the construction and operation of solutions for the provision of XR contents were carried out by KDDI Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Branch (Representative: Takakazu Tsunoda, Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), which is an overseas subsidiary of KDDI.

On March 15, 2023, this project has been certified as one of the 50th anniversary projects that promote mutual understanding and friendship as well as social contribution in between Japan and Vietnam on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.



■Results of this demonstration project

1) Implement demonstration environment for indoor 5G infra-sharing

Two mobile network operators (“MNOs”) in Vietnam participated in this demonstration project, and in addition to the existing networking facilities in 4G, the company has built a 5G environment through infra-sharing. JTOWER measured transmission speed and latency for 5G and compared with transmission speed and delay times of existing 4G on each floor as benchmarks. As a result, transmission speed improved by more than 10 times and latency also improved around 30%.

In addition, JTOWER interviewed related parties about the demonstration results. As a result, Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza facilities managers especially have good evaluation regarding the transmission speed of 5G. Two MNOs participated in this demonstration project also highly praise the usefulness of infra-sharing and 5G transmission speed.


2) Verifying applications using 5G network equipment

The company evaluated the improved convenience of downloading large-volume data by providing XR contents in an indoor 5G network environment. This was constructed in this demonstration project. In MUJI PARKSON LE THANH TON store on Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza 1st floor where au XR Door Solution is installed, the company measured the downloading time of contents for 4G and 5G. As a result, the time required for users to first install the application has been reduced by more than half in all cases, and a significant improvement has been observed.


3) Verification of reduction effects and profitability of capital investment costs, operation and maintenance costs, and electricity consumption, etc.

Through actual operations, the company quantitatively clarified the extent to which the company was able to reduce the expected capital investment costs, operation and maintenance costs, and power consumption if the company would not conduct infra-sharing.

Based on the amount of capital investment and electricity consumption required in this demonstration project, a trial calculation was made that compared with the case where two MNOs individually implement the 5G network environment. As a result, it became clear that the amount of capital investment and operation and maintenance expenses, including construction expenses and equipment expenses, etc., could be reduced by about one half and the amount of power consumed could be reduced by about one half.

In order to promote 5G utilizing infra-sharing in the future, it is considered to be effective to install equipment focused on high data traffic areas and to share them among the three MNOs, in view of the prices of 5G equipment, electricity charges, and the lease of machine rooms for the installation of facilities.




■Background of implementation for this demonstration project

In Vietnam, the mobile phone penetration rate has grown by more than 100% in line with high economic growth, and demand for mobile communications infrastructure continues to rise. In addition, demand for high-capacity communication is also growing by spreading video services and social networking services. The Vietnamese government announced its policy to grant 5G licenses to MNOs in 2023, and therefore further growth in demand for 5G network infrastructures is expected in the future.

For this reason, we aim for smooth implementation of the 5G network by preparing for the introduction before 5G frequency allocation and verifying issues quickly that arise during the trial phase.

SPN is going forward to contribute to digitalization of society through the improving communicate environment in Vietnam by strengthening the business structure as indoor infrastructure sharing solutions is focusing on mainly.


[Overview of demonstration project]

■Period: January 2023 to March 2023

■Location: Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

5 floors above ground, 1 below, commercial complex

■Details of verification:

1) Building a verification environment

Develop 5G network facilities by Infra-Sharing in addition to the existing 4G network.

2) Verifying Applications Using 5G Network Equipment

Provide XR contents and evaluate the improvement of convenience for downloading large-volume data in an indoor 5G environment.

3) Verification of feasibility

Quantitatively demonstrate how much reduction has been achieved in capital investment, operation and maintenance costs and power consumption compared to the case in which Infra-Sharing had not been conducted and formulate a business model for actual introduction in other countries in ASEAN.


[Roles of each company]

JTOWER Project management, planning of verification contents and verification methods, extraction of technical and business issues, and summary of verification test results
SPN Establishment of an environment for indoor 5G infra-sharing, coordination with local stakeholders, implementation of radio wave measuring, etc.
KDDI Viet Nam Development and provision of services using 5G applications



[Structure of Indoor 5G Infra-Sharing System]

BTS:Base Transceiver Station

MDF:Main Distributing Frame

EPS:Electric Pipe Shaft

ACU:Active Conditioning Unit

DAU:Distributed Access Unit

DEU:Distributed Extension Unit

DPU:Distributed Point Unit


[Image of in-store antenna installation]


<About KDDI Vietnam>  https://vn.kddi.com/en/ 


(2) Place of Branch: 69 Ha Noi Highway, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

(3) Representative: Takakazu Tsunoda, Vice General Director

(4) Business: System integration, etc.

(5) Establishment: March, 2000


<About SPN>  https://www.spnjsc.vn/en/

(1) Company Name: Southern Star Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company

(2) Place of HQ: 412 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

(3) Representative: Satoshi Igarashi, Chairman and Representative Director

(4) Business: Provision of telecommunications infrastructure sharing services in Vietnam, etc.

(5) Establishment: July, 2007