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Project Management staff - Ho Chi Minh City Area

Job Description  Supervising IBS constructions;
 Manage project, handles issues arising during implementation.
 Meeting with Project Management Boards about the construction progress;
 Quantity takeoff in constructions;
 Test and export mobile wave quality data in buildings;
 Quality processing of IBS station with network operators;
 DAS system interference handling 2G, 3G, 4G services;
 Other jobs related to IBS and BTS stations at the request of the Head of the Division.
Required Skills - Gender: Male
- Knowledge: College/University/Intermediate
- Key Knowledge: Major in Electrical, Electronics - Telecommunications
- Experience: At least 03 years in the Telecommunication field
- Foreign Language (English): communication
- Office computer skills: Proficiency in AutoCAD, office computers and other related softwares;
- Soft skills: team work; active; communication skill; take initiative in work; withstand the pressure of work
Advantage Skills
Salary Will be discussed during the interview.
Work Location HCMC Area

Sales Executives Ho Chi Minh Area

Job Description  Consulting, sending quotation, negotiating and preparing for contract signing of sale equipment.
 Following up the processes of order/contract execution and post-signature contract such as acceptance, payment, warranty, handover,...ensure timely delivery as required by the customers.
 Timely completing documents, bids, and other documents throughout the interactions with customers to achieve the contracts.
 Searching, surveying, approaching projects that need to deploy telecommunication infrastructure systems, contractors who need telecommunication equipment in Ho Chi Minh City and Southern provinces.
 Looking for new customers, taking care of current customers/business partners.
 Performing after-sales customer care.
 Target markets: new construction projects such as Apartments, Hotels/Resorts/Villas, Factories, Hospitals, Banks, Schools, Trade Centers, Office Buildings,...
 Accomplishing business targets and other related tasks.
 Receiving and handling customer complaints about service quality.
 Updating knowledge regularly in the field of real estate development, maintaining client relationships and improving skills.
 On behalf of the Company in direct contact with customers/ Main Contractors/ Investors, being entitled to handle issues related to sales and business activities according to assigned functions and tasks.
 Taking responsibilities for annual business plans. Developing monthly/ quarterly/ yearly operation plans, receiving business targets from the sales team.
 Reporting work directly to the Head of the Department and direct superiors (diary, weekly, monthly).
 Managing, maintaining and developing entrusted resources (including brand images, human resources, asset management, ...)
 Other related tasks at the request of the Head of the Department or direct supervisor.
Required Skills - Gender: Female
- Knowledge: University/ College
- Key Knowledge:
 Major in Telecommunication, Economics, Business Administration.
 Preferably have knowledge of telecommunications, or experience in the field of business related to real estate projects, such as ELV, etc.
- Experience: 02 years in telecommunication or ELV/MEP in projects/buildings.
- Foreign Language (English): communication
- Office computer skills: Proficiency in office computers
- Other requirements:
 Good communication, consulting and negotiation skills
 Good market analysis, customer care, and problem-solving skills
 Active in work, able to work in a team. Dynamic, enthusiastic, eager to learn.
 Understand about the Company’s business fields. Able to work under pressure.
 Preference will be given to candidates with experience in companies with similar business.
 Preference will be given to candidates with good office computer skills.
Advantage Skills
Salary Salary and job detail: Will be discussed during the interview.
Age under 30 years old
Work Location HCM City